MOSCOW, December 18 - RAPSI. A State Duma committee has recommended the imposition of a ban on any Russian non-governmental political organization that receives financial support from the US, as well as on any NGO whose activities are seen to pose a threat to Russian interests.

Pursuant to the ban, the Justice Ministry is suspending the activities of the aforementioned non-governmental organizations, but it will allow them to resume activities if the organization stops receiving funds from the United States or stops implementing projects which could damage the interests of Russia.

The bill will receive its second reading on Wednesday, and its third reading on Friday.

The amendment which states that an individual with dual Russian-United States citizenship cannot be a member or head of a non-governmental organization carrying out political activities in Russia was also supported.

Any violation of the ban will result in the cessation of the non-governmental organization's activities and the seizure of all of its funds and assets.