MOSCOW, December 19 - RAPSI. The State Duma has approved an amendment on introducing a direct ban on the activities of U.S.-funded political non-governmental organizations in Russia, as well as NGOs whose activities are seen as a threat to Russia's interests.

The amendment was approved during the consideration of the so-called "Dima Yakovlev Law" in the second reading. The law is Russia's response to the recent Magnitsky Act, adopted in the United States earlier in December.

According to the amendment, the Justice Ministry is suspending the activities of these NGOs. However, they will be allowed to resume working if they stop receiving funding from the United States and close any projects threatening Russia's interests.

Based on the amendment, an individual with dual citizenship cannot serve as a member or the head of an NGO carrying out political activities in Russia. The individual also cannot serve as a member or the head of a branch of a foreign NGO.

Violating the ban will result in the cessation of the organization's activities and the seizure of its assets.