MOSCOW, December 24 – RAPSI. Russia's Supreme Court has backed the bill allowing to banish pedophiles to reservations after they are released from prison, Izvestia reported on Monday.

The bill sponsored by Senator Yevgeny Tarlo is aimed at isolating pedophiles from the society for life.

According to the bill, there should be a total of ten reservations in Russia for pedophiles.

“This is not an exile, in such places people will be able to be with their families and friends,” Tarlo said. “But they will be under supervision, reporting on all their movements, and will no more be allowed to reoffend and get lost in a big city.”

The reservations will be within the jurisdiction of the Interior Ministry and Federal Penitentiary Service.

The Investigative Committee reported that 401 cases of child rape, in which the victims were under the age of 14, had been registered in January – October 2012; there were 1,315 cases when children suffered from sexual abuse. Three children died.