MOSCOW, February 14 (RAPSI) – Russia’s Justice Ministry has drafted amendments to legislation and coordinated them with the proper authorities to simplify cooperation with foreign law enforcement agencies in the fight against transnational crime and terrorism, Izvestia newspaper writes.

In addition to investigating these crimes, Russian legal authorities will also be able to seize the alleged criminals’ accounts and property at the request of other countries. The newspaper writes that the document has been coordinated with the authorities and certified by anti-corruption agencies.

These amendments will enable Russian law enforcement agencies to become fully integrated in the international system of fighting money laundering and terrorism financing.

They will be able to take the following actions with regard to foreigners at the request of other countries: expose criminal income; seize property; conduct special examinations, interrogations and searches; and collect evidence of a crime and other documents for the requesting authority.

Russia’s Investigative Committee, the Interior Ministry and the FSB will do this in strict compliance with international agreements on legal cooperation and the Russian Code of Criminal Procedure.

The Federal Financial Monitoring Service, which monitors suspicious financial transactions in Russia, has compiled a black list of 363 foreign individuals and 80 companies that are suspected of financing terrorism.