RIGA, May 15 (RAPSI) - Latvian parliament on Thursday approved in the third and final reading the amendments proposing criminal liability and imprisonment for glorification, denial, white-washing or doubting the Soviet and Nazi occupation, RIA Novosti reported.

According to the amendments, people may be also prosecuted for denial or challenging the holocaust and crimes against humanity.

In February, the amendments proposing imprisonment of up to 3 years for denial, white-washing or doubting the Soviet and Nazi occupation were submitted to the parliament. Human rights activists opposed these amendments. Russia also harshly criticized them.

Latvia's official position is that it was occupied by the USSR from 1940 through 1991. Russia, as a successor to the USSR, does not recognize the occupation.
Russia has long been at odds with the Baltic states of Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia, as well as Poland, over what it sees as attempts to rewrite the history of World War II and diminish the Soviet role in the defeat of Nazi Germany.

While Russia maintains that the Red Army liberated the Baltic States from German invaders, many residents of the republics put the two occupations on a par, citing mass Stalin-era deportations and murders of the local population by Soviet secret police.

Latvia is still home to a significant proportion of Russians, estimated at about a quarter of the population. Many of them celebrate Victory Day on May 9.