KIEV, August 20 (RAPSI) - Ukrainian law granting foreign investors access to the national gas transit facilities does not violate rules of the World Trade Organization (WTO), Valery Pyatnitsky, Ukrainian government's Commissioner for European Integration Valery Pyatnitsky said on Wednesday.

Ukraine's parliament on August 14 adopted the law on the national gas transit system 49% of which will be offered on a joint venture basis to business entities from the EU and the US. Ukraine will hold 51% in the venture which will manage transit pipelines and underground gas storage facilities. However, under the law Ukraine may establish a separate venture for the gas storage facilities.

The law is transparent, it doesn’t limit access of WTO members to the gas transit services, Pyatnitsky said

According to Izvestia newspaper, Russian lawmaker Andrei Krutov raised questions about the Ukrainian law. He reportedly suggested filing a complaint with the WTO against Ukraine for alleged violation of the rights of Russian companies.