RIGA, September 11 (RAPSI) – Latvia’s parliament on Thursday voted against the proposal of the far-right Everything for Latvia (VL) party to stop issuing residence permits to Russian nationals “to preclude a threat to national security,” the parliament’s press service announced.

The far-right party formulated its proposal as amendments to the law on immigration.

VL members in parliament argued that the individuals who receive a residence permit will be able to influence Latvia’s economy, politics, social processes and the media.

The majority of Latvian lawmakers voted against the proposal.

In 2010, Latvia amended its legislation to allow foreign nationals to receive a residence permit if they purchase real estate worth $200,000 in Riga or other large Latvian cities or worth $100,000 in any other part of Latvia.

Three years since then, 5,000 people have taken advantage of the opportunity, mostly citizens of Russia and other CIS countries.