MOSCOW, September 22 (RAPSI) - Government officials in Kyrgyzstan will have to report their expenses in addition to their income and include the expenses of their close relatives, RIA Novosti reports this Monday.

The Prime Minister of the republic, Dzhoomart Otorbayev, signed a resolution to this effect.

The prime minister said the objective is to prevent corruption among government officials, which partially fulfills the international obligations undertaken by Kyrgyzstan with respect to corruption.

Public officials will not only have to report on their income and property and that of their close relatives but they will also have to fill out information on all their expenses and the expenses of their relatives that concern the purchase of property both domestically and abroad. They will also have to state the source of the funds spent on such property.

The prime minister also suggested expanding the list of government officials who will be required to submit declarations. In addition to politicians and high-ranking public officials, declarants could include some municipal officials – for example, chairs of city and regional councils, and mayors, etc.