MOSCOW, January 30 (RAPSI) – Russian lawmakers Sergei Mironov and Oleg Nilov (A Just Russia) have drafted a bill to issue land to some groups of population in outlying regions for development and as an anti-recession measure, Izvestia newspaper writes on Friday.

Land must be used in strict compliance with law and cannot be sold. “The bill aims to encourage the settlement of outlying regions, primarily abandoned villages,” the newspaper writes.

The bill would satisfy three desires: give land to those who want it, bring additional revenues to the budget, and create conditions for import substitution.

Izvestia writes, citing the bill, that land plots of up to 10,000 square meters would be issued free to 30 socially vulnerable groups of population. The privilege would be denied to those who have an outstanding conviction or a record of corruption-related crimes.

“We believe that the bill is one of the best anti-recession measures. People are wary of entrusting their money to banks, while we offer them an opportunity to invest in land. People will be offered to lease land plots for five years, following which they will be able to register them as their property, provided they used them for its intended purpose. This provision concerns both farmland and wooded areas,” the newspaper writes, quoting Oleg Nilov.