MOSCOW, June 21 (RAPSI) – The State Duma has passed a bill aimed to improve the Federal Guard Service’s (FSO) efficiency in the third and final reading.

The bill, filed by the President, specifies the special aspects of service with state security bodies and establishes irregular working hours for certain categories of FSO employees, who are to be chosen by the director of the service or an authorized person.

According to the draft law, persons employed by state security bodies will have to pass mandatory fingerprint registration. The amendments also introduce new grounds for dismissal or refusal to be admitted in military services, federal civil services, or FSO. The use of drugs without required prescription may be qualified as a sufficient reason.

Moreover, FSO employees are to be prohibited from sharing information about themselves and other employees in the mass media or on the Internet if this information may lead to the revealing of their positions as the state security bodies employees.

The bill also allows FSO to use airports, seaports and other similar infrastructure objects without payment and to receive air and sea travel assistance for free. FSO will also receive the right to temporarily stop passage of transport and pedestrians for the time respective rules are used by thouse under FSO protection.

In case the draft law is adopted, employees of the state security bodies are to be granted the right to use weapons if there are sufficient grounds for such a measure. In cases of emergency and when it is not possible to use special means or weapons, these employees will have the right to use any improvised means, including transport ones.