MOSCOW, June 22 (RAPSI) – Russian government has filed a new bill regulating activity of non-profit organizations (NGOs), the official statement reads on Thursday.

According to the government, in May of 2014 the Civil Code of Russia was amended in order to fix a list of organizational and legal forms in which non-profit organizations can be established. At the same time, the law on NGOs was not updated to take these changes into account.

The new bill introduces specifics concerning state registration of non-profit organizations, the use of means of individualization by NGOs, and cancellation of their activities. The bill also codifies the norms that determine the competence of higher collegial bodies of non-profit organizations and the requirements pertaining to their charters.

It is proposed to exclude the regulations dealing with the registration of branches of foreign non-profit non-governmental organizations by state authorities, the liquidation thereof, and refusals to register NGOs, since the current legislation does not envisage such an organizational and legal form of a legal entity. At the same time, appropriate transitional provisions are provided to single out the offices of foreign NGOs registered prior to the changes taking effect.