MOSCOW, June 30 (RAPSI) – Russia’s Interior Ministry has prepared a concept of national migration policy, including provision on cancellation of Russian citizenship for committing terrorist and extremist crimes, the document published on the official website of judicial acts reads on Friday.

The concept also introduces further changes to Russian legislation, namely an option to decline a motion for acquiring or reinstating Russian citizenship for foreign citizens and people without citizenship extradited to other countries for criminal prosecution or enforcement of sentence.

On May 19, the State Duma passed in the first reading a number of bills allowing authorities to cancel decisions regarding granting of citizenship to persons receiving it with intent to commit an extremist or terrorist crime.

Current legislation reads that there are requirements for persons without Russian citizenship seeking to receive it. One of these requirements is an obligation to uphold the Constitution and Russian legislation. Decision to grant citizenship may be revoked if an applicant used forged documents or provided false information. These facts are to be determined by court.

Under the bill, sentencing of a person for terrorism offences would constitute the grounds for reversal of decisions to grant citizenship.