MOSCOW, March 26 (RAPSI) – The State Duma Deputy Chair Irina Yarovaya has drafted a concept bill on applying of compulsory measures of an educational nature towards first-time teenage offenders, a statement released by the MPs press service reads.

According to the amendments proposed to Russia’s Criminal Code, courts would be eligible to prescribe a complex of compulsory educational measures or one disciplinary measure for teen offenders, including community service during non-study time.

Moreover, the concept bill envisages mandatory drug or alcohol testing, if the disease is exposed, as well as psychological support for teens.

Under the initiative, criminal punishment would be imposed as an exceptional case, if re-education of a teen offender in another way is impossible.

The proposal to apply compulsory measures of educational character would not cover crimes against life and health.

According to Yarovaya, annually about 23,000 minors are convicted with around 4,000 of non-grave crimes. However, the rate of repeated crimes reaches 25%, the lawmaker states.