MOSCOW, July 23 (RAPSI) – A group of members of the Federation Council introduced a bill on e-mail user identification to the State Duma. The document was published Tuesday on the database of the parliament’s lower house.

According to one of the draft law’s sponsors Andrey Klishas, the society now faces new threats related to the distribution of knowingly false reports of terrorist attacks via e-mail. In 2019, such threats took a mass turn, he stated.

The bill’s adoption will help decrease the number of such reports and cut back economical damage caused by the threats, its authors believe.

The legislative proposal sets the concept of an e-mail service organizer and obliges such organizers to ensure electronic messaging only from users identified in accordance with the order fixed by the Russian government. Identification is proposed to be conducted with the use of a subscriber number based on the agreement concluded between e-mail service organizers and communications providers.

The e-mail service organizers would be also obliged to restrict emailing and messaging containing information disseminated in violation of law, according to the bill.

Amendments are proposed to the law On Information, Information Technologies and the Protection of Information.