MOSCOW, October 4 (RAPSI) – Lawmakers from the United Russia party have submitted a bill on certain benefits for convicted orphaned children to the State Duma. The document’s version has been published on the official database of the parliament’s lower house.

The bill envisages relief of convicted orphans from reimbursement of cost of meals and clothes if they are going into professional education or occupational training in presence.

Russia's law on additional social assistance guarantees for children orphaned and deprived of parental care stipulates the right of such minors to full social security and additional social support guarantees in the course of professional education or occupational training, according to the draft law’s sponsors.

Penitentiary system includes educational facilities where convicts may get professional education. In the event of the death of parents (or the only parent) orphaned children including convicted ones receive survivor benefit/pension.

However, according to the Penal Code of Russia, convicts, who are paid wages or pension, must reimburse the cost of meals, clothes, social and welfare services and personal supplies.

The proposed initiative is aimed to release convicted orphans from this duty.