MOSCOW, December 3 (RAPSI) - A bill permitting employees of transportation security units to bear and use electric shocks for self-defense has become law. A version of the document signed by President of Russia Vladimir Putin has been released on the official website of legal information.

Previously, such possibility was not provided for transportation security units. “Employees are not entitled to use electric shockers on duty,” according to an explanatory note to the bill.

As transport safety employees work in places of mass gathering, where the use of firearms is prohibited, they may use electric shockers for “active self-defense and suppression of acts of unlawful interference,” the law reads.

However, according to the document, the transport security officers would be obliged to report all use cases to senior executives.

The law also prohibits use of electric shocks against pregnant women, children and disabled persons if there is no threat to transport security officers’ life and health.

Amendments are to be introduced into the Federal Law “On Transportation Security”. The document will take effect in 90 days after its official publication.