MOSCOW, December 30 (RAPSI) – Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has signed amendments to the legislation permitting to seek compensations for substandard conditions of detention and imprisonment into law, according to a document published on the official website of legal information.

The Penal Code of the Russian Federation and the Law Concerning the Detention of Persons Suspected and Accused of Committing Crimes are to be respectively changed, the document reads.

The new provisions stipulate that persons sentenced to jail and serving sentences in penitentiary facilities as well as suspected and charged individuals may turn to courts if conditions of their detention or imprisonment are violated.

Courts must establish the fact of violations committed, the character of violation, the length of violation, circumstances and effect of the wrongdoing.

The lower house of parliament passed the legislative proposal on December 17, its upper chamber approved it on December 23.

The document is to take effect in 30 days after its official publication.