MOSCOW, March 24 (RAPSI) – The amendments to Russia’s Constitution introducing social guarantees are to ensure the enforcement of labor and employment rights after the coronavirus pandemic ends, according to the Chair of the Civic Chamber’s Social Policy Natalia Pochinok.

Socially-oriented amendments are of tremendous importance, especially at this time of crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, when jobs are being lost, cuts and redundancies loom because of the problems encountered by small and medium-sized businesses, whereas forced teleworking may also contribute into a situation, where people are deprived of subsistence, Pochinok says.

She believes that the Constitutional “social” amendments are to prevent infringements on citizens’ labor and employment rights. The changes in the Constitution will safeguard clear obligations on the part of the state, the government, and all executive authorities to maintain such social guarantees as targeted social assistance, indexation of pensions and welfare payments, protection of children.

Earlier, President Vladimir Putin signed a bill on the Constitution amending into law; Russia’s Constitutional Court declared the law on amendments to the Constitution corresponding with the basic legislation.

The document specifies provisions on social guarantees for citizens such as fixing of regular pension indexation and minimum wage.

The amendments also fix definition of children as the country’s wealth and fix in the Constitution a provision reading that the state must create conditions for their cultural, intellectual, moral and physical development.