MOSCOW, April 6 (RAPSI) – Russia’s Children Rights Commissioner Anna Kuznetsova has submitted her proposals aimed at amending a number of provisions of a bill on social support of orphans to the Ministry of Education, according to a press-release of the ombudsman’s office.

Among the proposals presented by Kuznetsova are her amendments to the law on additional guarantees of social support of orphans and children left without parental support envisaging broader forms and mechanisms of providing such minors with living quarters to be used for a further development of the document.

The new law is to become a solid foundation for a phased and systemic process ensuring the settlement of the current housing problems encountered by orphans and preventing similar issues to appear in the future; orphans and other deprived children need their homes to facilitate their family lives when married and having children of their own, as well as to exclude risks of social alienation, the ombudsman notes.

Kuznetsova is also concerned with a bill regulation envisaging provision of orphans and deprived children with housing certificates as she believes the proposed mechanisms lacks safeguards protecting the recipients from various fraud schemes. The draft document needs to be additionally discussed with participation of respective experts, NGOs, and orphans and deprived children themselves, the ombudsman notes. She also expresses her hope for further close cooperation with the Ministry as concerns the questions she has raised, the document reads.