MOSCOW, August 31 (RAPSI) – The Russian Justice Ministry works on a bill setting forth procedures governing dismissals and appointments of the Investigative Committee officers, a notification published on the Federal Portal for Draft Legislation reads on Monday.

The bill is aimed to establish for such officers the procedures similar to those currently envisaged by law for prosecutors.

The document is to regulate some issues relating to dismissal of certain categories of the Committee officers; the introduction of a mechanism of appointment of officers dismissed from their posts to other positions in the Committee; it is also planned to introduce additional guarantees and compensations for those discharged from service.

Last July, there was effected an amended law on prosecutor offices introducing additional grounds on which their officers could be dismissed, among them cases where a dismissed officer refused offers of other posts. The law envisaged that dismissed prosecutors were to be offered vacant posts in order to ensure his or her labor rights.

According to the amended law prosecutors could be discharged from service in case they failed to attend for more than four consecutive months due to temporary incapacity for work with compensation.

Prosecutors may be also dismissed on such grounds as oath breaking when on sick leave or during vacations, or in cases where such a wrongdoing negatively affected the authority of the prosecution service and discredited this officer.