MOSCOW, October 1 (RAPSI) – A lawmaker of the lower house of Russia’s Parliament has submitted to the body a specialized bill on marketplaces – ecommerce platforms.

The MP, Fedot Tumusov, seems to focus on more precise definition of rights and obligations of aggregators of mobile applications, such as App Store, Google Play and so on. He proposes to ban owners of operating systems from imposing on consumers the use of a single aggregator and grant them a right of option.

The lawmaker also believes that caps need to be put on commission fees charged by owners of online trading platforms for sales of applications and conduct of other ecommerce operations, as well as oblige such owners to transfer part of their proceeds to a special fund.

It is proposed to limit sales-related commission fees to 20% of selling prices without VAT; one third of these sums are to be quarterly transferred to a special fund created to finance training of specialists in IT technologies, the bill reads.

Marketplace owners are also to publish in mass media reports on monthly sales in Russia, the lawmaker proposes.