MOSCOW, October 21 (RAPSI) – A bill envisaging that the duty to apply interim measures aimed at protection of children whose parents are arrested or are in detention for the time of investigation of criminal cases is to be imposed on investigators and interrogators has been submitted to the State Duma.

The document does not change the current procedures, according to which investigators and interrogators are obliged to undertake custodial measures with respect to children of arrested or detained persons in the cases where minors are under care of their relatives or other persons during investigation.

In case there are no persons to take care of the children, an explanatory note to the bill reads, investigators and interrogators are to apply interim measures aimed at the protection of such children.

A day before a bill envisaging that the police were to be obliged to apply interim measures as to protection of minors whose parents were detained or arrested under administrative procedures was submitted to the lower house of Russia’s Parliament.

Senators, who moved forward with this initiative, propose that Interior Ministry officers or persons empowered to carry out administrative detentions are to be obliged to apply interim measures for protection of children of the detainees by transferring the minors to their relatives or custodians, or in temporary care of social or medical services.