MOSCOW, December 8 (RAPSI) – The Presidium of the Council of Judges on Tuesday backed a bill suspending annual indexation of wages of Russian judges.

On Tuesday, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov asked the Council to change their position concerning the draft law as earlier, the body refused to support the legislative proposal and sent a corresponding comment to Russia’s Government and State Duma.

According to Siluanov, the commitment rates decreased in Russia by 10% but this situation did not touch the judgicial system and will not touch it in 2021. However, the wage increase suspension was not backed by judges, the Minister mentioned. Therefore, he requested to change their opinion.

A bill suspending annual indexation of wages of Russian judges was brought before the lower house of parliament in September. The initiative’s authors relied on the opinion of President Vladimir Putin who after the 2021-2023 budget meeting decided not to increase the judges’ salaries.