MOSCOW, December 23 (RAPSI) – The State Duma had approved in the third and final reading a bill on increased use of the Unified Biometric Identification System, Chairman of the Association of Russian Lawyers Vladimir Gruzdev told RAPSI on Wednesday.

Banks collect biometrics, citizens may conduct this procedure on the voluntary basis. The system allows banks to open accounts, take deposits, or give credits to citizens without their personal appearance. Biometric data may be used by state bodies to identify citizens. In certain cases, state services may be provided without presenting passports, Gruzdev said.

Biometric identification is to be introduced in Multifunctional Public Services Centers, according to the Association Chair.

The bill introduces an option to use the biometrics system instead of examination of papers, Gruzdev added stressing that citizens are to register in the system exclusively on the voluntary basis.

The system processed two types of biometrics: voice and face; two modalities permit to more safely identify a person and detect if an electronic imitation of the respective data is used, he noted.