MOSCOW, May 11 (RAPSI) — Russian President Vladimir Putin's decision on the need to urgently adjust the procedure governing the turnover of weapons with respect to civilians needs to be supported, according to First Deputy Secretary of the Civic Chamber Vyacheslav Bocharov. 

Commenting on the initiative of the head of state, he first expressed his condolences to relatives of victims of the tragedy in Kazan, where a fatal school shooting resulted in the deaths of 10 people, including minors.  

It is to be noted that all necessary assistance is provided; soon additional resources on the Emergency Ministry, among them relevant experts are to arrive on the scene, Bocharov said. It is needed to assess the reasons that led to the tragedy, obviously, it is also necessary to analyze how the criminal obtained the weapon, he stressed.

In this regard, the Bocharov insists that the decision of the president about the need to urgently work out the necessary adjustments of the procedure for the turnover of weapons among civilians should be supported.  

Unfortunately, the First Deputy Secretary observed, over the years attention to the problem of terrorism and extremism dwindled and the problem became to be seen with indifference, whereas the work on developing awareness in this regard was carried out superficially. Bocharov urged everyone to be more vigilant.