MOSCOW, August 13 (RAPSI) — The Government Law-Making Commission has backed an initiative aimed at expanding the list of persons who have the right to apply to courts seeking to challenge paternity, Chairman of the Board of the Association of Lawyers of Russia Vladimir Gruzdev informs RAPSI.

Now, this list does not include heirs of the person registered as the father of a child. In practice, there have been situations when paternity records were made in absentia and using forged documents. In this case, such a child obtained the right to claim the inheritance. Meanwhile, the legislation does not allow heirs of the man registered as the father of this child in violation of the law to go to court to protect their interests, Gruzdev said.

The Association Chair noted that at present, either the persons registered as fathers or the children themselves have the right to apply to courts to challenge paternity. Guardians also have the right to file a claim.

The proposed amendments to the Family Code create a mechanism to protect the rights of legal heirs. At the same time, claims for challenging paternity will be satisfied only if the record about the father was made on the basis of forged documents, Gruzdev emphasized.