MOSCOW, September 7 (RAPSI) — Russia’s Prosecutor General Igor Krasnov proposes to classify rehabilitation, justification and glorification of Nazism as extremist activity, according to the press service of the Prosecutor General's Office.

According to Krasnov, a draft law has been developed to secure the inviolability of the principles of international law recognized by the Charter of the Nuremberg Tribunal, as well as the normative definition of such concepts as "Nazism", "fascism" and "genocide of the peoples of the Soviet Union."

All these measures will not only eliminate gaps in legal regulations, but will also be of great political importance for preserving the historical memory and strengthening the position of the Russian Federation at the international level to prevent falsification of facts about the activities of the USSR during the Second World War, Krasnov noted.

The Prosecutor General took part in the International Scientific and Practical Forum Khabarovsk Process: Historical Significance and Contemporary Challenges, which is currently taking place in the city of Khabarovsk in Russia’s Far East.

The Khabarovsk trial is the trial of former servicemen of the Kwantung Army, which took place on December 25-30, 1949, and became an expression of the principled position of the Soviet Union regarding the development and use of bacteriological weapons by militarist Japan. The confessions of Japanese prisoners of war obtained during the investigation go beyond the scope of one event and are currently of unprecedented importance for countering information attacks on the historical memory of the Great Patriotic War and World War II.