MOSCOW, September 8 (RAPSI) — Anna Kuznetsova, Russia's children's rights commissioner, calls on lawmakers in the State Duma to back a bill which introduces life sentences for pedophiles as well as other measures aimed at better protection of minors.

The bill was submitted yet in 2018, it received support from many government bodies; nevertheless, the State Duma has not discussed it yet, although the importance of the document is quite clear, Kuznetsova stressed citing a recent murder of two schoolgirls in the Kemerovo region.

She also said that she persistently fights year after year for tougher punishment for crimes against the sexual integrity of children.

According to the Children's Ombudsman, over the past three years, the number of such crimes has increased by 11.8%. Moreover every year the number of criminals who have repeatedly committed these atrocities increases.

Kuznetsova pledged to continue working in this direction and achieve that the necessary decisions were taken. She also said minors are to be taught safe behavior and what to do if a stranger turns to them in the framework of a federal federal strategy for comprehensive child safety, which is being developed as per instructions of the President Vladimir Putin.