MOSCOW, July 12 (RAPSI) — The Government Commission on Legislative Activities has approved an initiative introducing a special temporary residence permit for educational purposes issued to foreign students, including graduate ones, Chairman of the Board of the Association of Lawyers of Russia (ALR) Vladimir Gruzdev has told RAPSI.

The proposed permit which has yet to be adopted by Russian parliamentarians would be issued upon request to a foreign student after confirmation of their enrolment and be revoked as they are expelled from universities. The issuance process would imply an obligatory fingerprinting, Gruzdev noted.

He drew attention that the initiative would give power to impose heavy fines on research institutes if they violate a 3-day notice period regarding foreign students’ educational status changes. The Interior Ministry of the Russian Federation would be appointed to receive those notes.

According to Gruzdev, the proposed measures are aimed to strengthen control on migration processes.