MOSCOW, July 15 (RAPSI) — President of Russia Vladimir Putin has signed a bill empowering Prosecutor General and his deputies to prohibit foreign mass media in Russia in response to unfriendly actions by foreign states regarding Russian media working abroad into law, according to the official website of legal information.

The new law also gives Prosecutor General and his deputies the right to suspend operations of any media in case of dissemination of false information that poses a threat to the life and health of people, public security and operation of certain organizations; fake and damaging information on the work of Russian army and state bodies concerning the maintenance of peace and security.

The grounds for the suspension of media activities may also be the publication of information expressing disrespect for the state, its bodies, official symbols and society.

Under the law, the suspension is up to a period of not more than 3 months, and up to 6 months in case of repeated violation. However, those restrictive measures may be lifted sooner if illegal content is removed. In addition, a media outlet's license may be rescinded if it repeatedly violates the legal provisions.