KIEV, August 23, - RAPSI. A district court permitted former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko to be examined by her personal doctor and nurse as requested by her, the Ukrainian penitentiary service said on Tuesday.

At the end of last week, Tymoshenko, who had been held in custody for three weeks, complained of deteriorating health, and requested to see her personal doctor. The court denied her request, instead suggesting that she consult with Health Ministry doctors, but Tymoshenko refused to see state doctors.

On examining Tymoshenko, medical experts composed a report stating that Tymoshenkos health condition is satisfactory. The report was signed by all the members of the medical commission, including her personal doctor and nurse, the penitentiary service noted.

The report includes recommendations on food and monitoring of her health.

Tymoshenkos health condition has been under continuous monitoring by pretrial medical personnel.

Tymoshenko is on trial for abusing her power as Prime Minister in signing Gazprom-Naftegaz gas contracts in 2009.

RAPSI News Service