MOSCOW, August 23 - RAPSI. The Moscow City Court has overturned a lower court decision to allow mixed martial arts champion Rasul Mirzayev to be released on 5 million ruble ($170,000) bail, the Russian Legal Information Agency (RAPSI) reported from the courtroom.

Mirzayev is suspected of killing a student with one punch.

The decision is set to be reconsidered by the same district court, but by different judges. Mirzayev will remain under arrest until August 26, by which time the court is expected to have completed a new bail hearing.

According to a law enforcement source, on August 13, Mirzayev punched Ivan Agafonov, 19, near a nightclub in downtown Moscow. Agafanov was taken to a hospital, but did not regain consciousness, and died several days later.

Police arrested Mirzayev on August 19, after interrogating him for the crime. Mirzayev voluntarily came to the police and confessed to the crime, Mirzayevs defense counsel has maintained.

RAPSI News Service