MOSCOW, August 30 - RAPSI. Russia's Presidential Commissioner for Children's Rights Pavel Astakhov has urged American authorities to maintain permanent supervision over the family of Jessica Beagley, who was sentenced on Tuesday for abusing her adopted Russian-born son, Astakhovs press service reports on Tuesday.

The Anchorage city court sentenced Beagley to 180 days of probation and a suspended fine of $2,500.

American law enforcement officials launched the case against Beagley after a television channel aired a video of the foster mother yelling at her foster son for bad behavior in November. Later, the video appeared on the Internet. During preliminary hearings in the case against her, it was revealed that, on October 21, Beagley filmed a video for television of her disciplining her adopted son. In the video, she forced him to take a cold shower and eat hot sauce.

"Now, close supervision should be established over the Beagleys in order to prevent recurrent abuse. The Beagleys should display maximal care, love, and respect for the children," the Astakhov stated.

According to Astakhov, the Beagley case must show that any abuse of children adopted from Russia will be prosecuted.