December 26


Strabag vs Ingosstrakh, Chartis and ACE insurance companies

Moscow Commercial Court

Strabag AG seeks to recover 922.577 million rubles ($30.237 million) from three insurance companies. Strabag challenged the insurance indemnity, paid by Ingosstrakh, Chartis and ACE companies for a 2009 accident under the builder's risks insurance contract.
Austrian construction group Strabag was founded in 1835. Strabag has been operating in Russia from 1991 under the "Ilbau" brand. Strabag's Russian division was founded in 1999.

Founded in 1947, Ingosstrakh is Russia's leading insurance company. It operates offices in 231 towns and cities across Russia.


Moscow vs Capital Group, Muzeon
Moscow Commercial Court

The Moscow government seeks a court order to terminate an investment contract on a Russian avangard project signed between Capital Group and the Muzeon state cultural institution in Moscow. The project in question implied the construction of hotels and administrative buildings as well as the Muzeon art park in central Moscow.

The Capital Group has been present on the market since 1993. Its portfolio has over 70 projects completed, designed or developed, spanning over 7 million square meters. The company is owned by Vladislav Voronin and Pavel Te.


December 28


In Re MIEL Zagorodnaya Nedvizhimost (MIEL Suburban Real Estate)

Moscow Commercial Court

MIEL subsidiary bankruptcy applications were filed by Rosbank and the First Republic Bank. The court combined two applications into one case.

The MIEL Holding was founded in October 1990 and reorganized into a real estate agency in 1993. It currently operates real estate sales, investment, and development businesses. It comprises over 10 companies.

Rosbank became one of five major Russian banks in terms of loan portfolio after merging with Societe Generale subsidiary BSGV.

The First Republic Bank was founded in 1992. It is a multi-purpose financial and credit institution.


December 29


Navalny vs Rosneft

Moscow Commercial Court

A renowned whistleblower and a minority shareholder in several major Russian state-owned companies Alexei Navalny requests minutes of the Rosneft 2009 board meetings. The lawsuit has been considered for more than a year and was returned again to the Moscow Commercial Court.
Navalny also filed a similar lawsuit against Transneft for giving him minutes of the board meetings in 2009-2010.
The companies argued these claims amount to nothing more than an abusive fishing expedition for harmful information against them.

Rosneft is Russia's largest state-run oil company, its revenue increased 50 percent in the reporting period to $68.024 billion.