The Russian Legal Information Agency (RAPSI) will broadcast live a Moscow-New York video conference on “Bout case: Sentence passed, what now?” Alleged arms dealer Viktor Bout will participate from prison. The video conference will be broadcast on April 12 at RIA Novosti.

Live broadcast to start at 4 p.m. Moscow Time.

U.S. jury found Bout guilty of conspiring to kill Americans in late 2011.

A federal district court in New York sentenced Bout to 25 years in prison for attempting to sell arms to the leftist Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia. Bout has dubbed the trial an “inquisition” and stated that he had no hope that the sentence would be reversed or mitigated.

During the video conference, Bout will call journalists at the New York studio from the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) Brooklyn, New York, and answer their questions. His wife Alla will attend the video conference at the studio.

The event will be held at 4 Zubovsky Blvd., Moscow (Park Kultury Metro Station), RIA Novosti International Multimedia Press Center. For accreditation, please call: +7 (495) 637-50-19 or 645-64-72