MOSCOW, July 19 - RAPSI. The overall situation is stable in the capital, but the 27 percent increase in street crime over the past year causes concern, Moscow Police Chief Anatoly Yakunin said on Thursday.

He added that more than 85,000 crimes were registered, or 0.7 percent more than during the first six months of 2011. Since early this year, the number of registered murders has dropped by 12.3 percent, serious injuries resulting in death have fallen by 15.7 percent and incidents of rape have decreased by 18.2 percent.

"However, we cannot overlook the growth of registered grave crimes," he said. "Thefts have increased by 4 percent, car thefts have grown by 8.9 percent, robberies have increased by 5.7 percent, crimes committed in public areas have soared by 13.9 and street crime has skyrocketed by 27.2 percent."