KIEV, October 23 - RAPSI. Ukraine may be found guilty of violating international law if it is found that it transferred Russian oppositionist Leonid Razvozzhayev to Russia after he had requested political asylum in Ukraine; Razvozzhayev is involved in the case on organizing riots in Russia, the press release by the UN Refugee Agency reads.

On October 19, the Russian Investigative Committee placed Razvozzhayev on the federal wanted list. He was charged with organizing mass riots together with Left Front movement coordinator Sergei Udaltsov and his aide Konstantin Lebedev. The case against them was initiated after the film, "Anatomy of Protest 2," was shown on the NTV TV channel.

In Kiev, Razvozzhayev submitted an application for political asylum to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). He then vanished shortly after leaving the office.

The Investigative Committee later reported that Razvozzhayev came to them of his own accord and said that he wanted to file an acknowledgment of guilt. Razvozzhayev described the circumstances surrounding the riots, as well as Sergei Udaltsov's, Konstantin Lebedev's, and other individuals' involvement in organizing the protests on May 6 on Bolotnaya Square.

Kiev said it had played no part in having Razvozzhayev taken to Russia.

The UN agency hopes that this incident will be investigated thoroughly.