GORKI, October 24 - RAPSI. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev believes that it is necessary to simplify the entry procedure for foreigners to create an international financial center in Russia.

He stressed the need to simplify the procedure for those working in business, science and culture.

"A primary task is to develop the infrastructure of financial markets and, of course, to develop the social and business infrastructure of the Moscow agglomeration," he said at a meeting on developing an international financial center in Russia. "We need to move further in simplifying entry procedures for foreigners, particularly specialists who come to Russia from other countries to work in highly qualified fields - individuals who go to teach at universities, take part in R&D projects, or work in scientific, cultural or medical organizations."

The prime minister also noted that life in Moscow should be made easier for foreigners.

"I am referring to the creation of a comfortable environment," the prime minister said.