MOSCOW, November 28 - RAPSI. Moscow laws and other legislative acts will be published officially on the Moscow government and the Moscow City Duma websites, pursuant to a law adopted by the Moscow parliament on Wednesday.

The corresponding amendments have been made to the Moscow charter and to the laws, "On the Laws of Moscow and the Resolutions of the Moscow City Duma" and "On the Legal Acts of Moscow."

"The publication of Moscow laws and other legal acts is proposed to be deemed official not only in the official periodicals of the state authorities, but also on the Moscow and the Moscow City Duma official websites," Anastasia Rakova, the deputy Moscow mayor, said on Wednesday.

The legal acts may also be published in e-form by the Moscow mayor, the Moscow government, and the Moscow parliament.

Rakova said the Herald of Moscow Government and the Herald of the Moscow City Duma are the official publications of these local authorities now.