MOSCOW, December 3 - RAPSI. Only five percent of Moscow judges dreamt of a being a judge when they were children; a poll conducted by RAPSI showed that Moscow judges wanted to be singers, veterinarians, stewardesses.

The most popular profession was teaching, at 21 percent, while 15 percent dreamt of being a doctor.

However, 28 percent did think of a legal career, with 14 percent wanting to become a lawyer, 5.5 percent an investigator, and only 5 percent a judge; 2 percent believed they would become a police officer, three judges believed they would become a prosecutor, a detective and a criminalist respectively.

Seven percent dreamt of flying: three percent wanted to be a cosmonaut, another three percent - a pilot, and one percent were interested in becoming an air steward or stewardess. Two percent wanted to become a veterinarian. Six percent planned to serve in the military.

Four percent of those polled said they thought they would do something in the arts; 1.5 percent of the respondents dreaming of acting; a singer, an artist and a ballet dancer all drew one percent of responses. Another three percent wanted to work in science, including astronomy, archeology, geology and history.

One judge said that he dreamt of being a grown up.

In addition, six federal judges wanted to be a hockey player, a train driver, a captain (no mention of what), a combine operator, a commodity expert and a firefighter respectively.

A total of 273 Moscow federal judges took part in the poll.