MOSCOW, January 18 - RAPSI. Head of the Federal Service for Drug Control Viktor Ivanov said he sees no reason for adopting a law on drug tests at schools. The first reading of the draft law at the State Duma is scheduled for Friday.

"I believe there is no need for a drug tests law," Ivanov said, adding that preventing drug abuse at schools is the task of parent committees and school management.

Grigory Balykhin, member of the State Duma Committee on Education and former head of the Federal Agency on Education, has previously stated that the initiative was moved to the federal level after experimental drug tests were held in several Russian regions.

In accordance with the draft law, new drug users are to be diagnosed in two stages: through social and psychological tests conducted by school and university psychologists, and during routine medical checkups. The tests will be voluntary. "Students aged over 15 should sign a written agreement and parents will take the decision for younger pupils," Balykhin said.