JEIDA (Syria), January 22 - RAPSI, Denis Malkov. Roughly 50 Russians who have decided to leave Syria have crossed the border into Lebanon in three buses with employees of the Russian Embassy in Damascus.

The group includes Russian women who have married Syrians, their children, and their husbands who have received Russian citizenship. They arrived from various Syrian cities such as Damascus, Aleppo, Hama, and Homs.

The Emergencies Ministry has sent planes to Lebanon to fly them home. There are 8,008 Russian citizens residing in Syria who are registered with the embassy, the Russian Embassy in Damascus told RIA Novosti. However, roughly 25,000 more Russian women reside in the country as well, who are married to Syrians and have not registered with the embassy, according to Russian diplomats.

Employees of the embassy arrived from Damascus to the Jeida border crossing point on Tuesday to provide consular assistance to Russians looking to leave Syria.

A total of 81 people are on the list of Russian citizens seeking to leave Syria for Russia, according to the embassy. A Yak-42 and an Il-76 have arrived from Moscow to the Lebanese capital of Beirut to take them home.