MOSCOW, February 6 - RAPSI. The Main Military Prosecutor's Office of Russia has forwarded information to the Investigative Committee about another case of real estate fraud at the Defense Ministry. A land plot on the Black Sea was allegedly sold by the ministry at a discount of over 56 million rubles ($1.86 million).

The Defense Ministry was issued the plot from the local municipal stock free of charge for building military facilities. "However, five months later the land plot was sold to a commercial company at a discount of over 56 million rubles," the military prosecutors write.

The Investigative Committee will decide whether to open a criminal case under articles on large-scale fraud and abuse of office with grave consequences.

Ten criminal cases involving the illegal sale of large military facilities by Oboronservice holding, a unit of the Defense Ministry, have been united into one case. The loss incurred from these actions has been tentatively estimated at around 4 billion rubles ($133 million).

Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov was dismissed amid the Oboronservice scandal and has been summoned twice for questioning as a witness in the case.