MOSCOW, February 19 - RAPSI. Police in Moscow have detained some 90 people at two meetings of alleged criminal gangs, including one so-called "coronation" of an organized crime boss, police said on Tuesday.

“Over 50 ethnic Azer who had gathered to celebrate the coronation of one of their number were detained at a café,” in northeast Moscow, a police statement said.

Police also said some 40 suspected members of an organized crime gang had been detained at a bathhouse in north-east Moscow. The suspects were reported to have arrived in Moscow for the meeting from a number of Russian regions, as well as the South Caucasus.

Police said they had seized a number of firearms in Monday's raids.

The arrests came around a month after a notorious Russian crime boss, Aslan “Gramps Khasan” Usoyan, was gunned down in central Moscow, sparking fears of a power struggle within the country’s criminal underworld.