CAIRO, March 19 - RAPSI. Egyptian special police have arrested a cousin of the former Libyan president Muammar Ghaddafi, who was killed in a violent attack in October 2011, local media reported Tuesday.

Ahmed Ghaddafi Al-Dam is wanted in Libya for his role in the government under the former strongman.

The police stormed Al-Dam’s building in an elegant neighborhood in Cairo where he barricaded himself in his apartment before surrendering.

The Libyan authorities have accused Al-Dam, who spearheaded Libyan-Egyptian relations under the Ghaddafi regime, of complicity in the former government's crimes. The new Libyan authorities earlier provided Egypt with a list of 80 people who held top government posts under Gaddafi and then fled to Egypt after his ouster.

A joint Libyan-Egyptian expert commission is presently investigating the legal grounds for the potential extradition of the former Gaddafi associates to Libya. Hundreds of Gaddafi supporters fled to Egypt after his regime collapsed.