MOSCOW, May 13 (RAPSI) - The Justice Ministry has opened a new administrative offense case against the Golos association in defense of voters' rights, the ministry reported on its website on Monday.

"According to the Federal Financial Monitoring Service, Golos, which conducts political activity in Russia, received over 4 million rubles (around $130,000) of funds from foreign sources in December 2012," according to the statement.

By accepting foreign funds, the association "is acting as a foreign agent," the Justice Ministry concluded, adding that Golos has not yet submitted a request for registration as a foreign agent.

The highly controversial law on NGOs, which took effect in November 2012, requires politically active NGOs with foreign funding sources to register as "foreign agents." Once registered, these NGOs face heightened scrutiny.

Inspections of NGOs began in late March 2013 when the Justice Ministry said its goal is to check if their activities correspond with charter goals and legislation.
Golos was the first NGO to be declared a foreign agent.

A case has been opened against Golos for failing to register as a foreign agent.