TBILISI, December 2 (RAPSI) - Over 150 prisoners have declared a hunger strike in Gldanskaya Prison No. 8 in Tbilisi.

The prisoners demand a review of their cases, and that a commission should be established in order to review into any potential failures of justice, according to Nana Kakabadze, a representative of NGO Former Prisoners for Human Rights.

The authorities have suspended the establishment of this commission for an indefinite term. Earlier, Minister of Justice Teya Tsulukiani announced that a respective bill had been indefinitely suspended solely because the country was not ready to provide the compensation that it would be obligated to pay.

Kakabadze says that “more inmates are joining the mass protest every day. Over 150 are on strike in Gldanskaya Prison and a few more are also protesting in other detention facilities.”