MURMANSK, January 13 (RAPSI) – Yuri Parshev of Phoenix, company that owns the ship Oleg Naydenov trawl ship, which has been held at Senegal port for ten days, says that the company is prepared to post bail for the vessel so it can return to fishing operation, Parshev told RIA Novosti on Monday.

“The first step is to agree on the terms of release. They can’t impose a fine, there’s no gounds for that. There are no official charges to be brought. So now we are discussing the possibility of bail,” Parshev said, adding that the Russian company made the proposal and the possible sum was not yet clarified.

The ship’s owner hopes to resolve the issue on Monday, as Tuesday was declared a day off due to national holiday in Senegal, and the loss accumulating from the ship being docked keeps mounting.

The Russian-flagged Oleg Naidenov was detained by Senegalese border guards on January 4 with 62 Russians and 23 Bissau-Guinean crew members on board. After its detention, the ship was transported to the port of the Senegalese capital of Dakar, where it remains thus far.

Senegalese officials threatened the ship's owners with a fine of $800,000 for illegal fishing.

The ship’s captain and several crew members complained of physical abuse by Senegalese border guards. Guinea-Bissau detained several Senegalese fishing boats on Monday in alleged retaliation against the detention of its nationals, who remain on board the Oleg Naidenov.

Russia’s Federal Fisheries Agency said earlier that the negotiations failed because of an alleged Greenpeace intrusion.