MOSCOW, February 24 (RAPSI) - Police in Thailand have arrested Dmitry Ishmukhametov, a Russian national from Khabarovsk, for breaching immigration law. The detainee also happened to be on an international wanted list for extortion, Kommersant reported Monday.

According to the local media, Ishmukhametov “escaped arrest in Russia in 2011 where he was suspected of extorting one million rubles.”

Ishmukhametov was put on the wanted list by Khabarovsk police as far back as 2009. A police source stated that a case was opened on kidnapping a local businessman and extorting a ransom from him.

Arrested in Jomtien, Pattaya, Ishmukhametov is now waiting to be transferred to Bangkok. He will then be either extradited at the request of the Russian General Prosecutor’s Office or deported to Russia for breaching Thai law.

Dmitry Ishmukhametov, according to local police, arrived in Thailand from Malaysia with a forged Czech passport. He started a real estate company Anastasia Int. Company Ltd in southern Pattaya that planned to launch a pilot project called Tenerife Flower Garden residential complex.

According to, Ishmukhametov, co-founded two companies, the Sky Leasing leasing company with a 22.5% share and the Invest Capital construction company (75%), both in Khabarovsk. Sky Leasing was liquidated as an inactive company in 2010; Invest Capital was liquidated for the same reason in 2011.