MOSCOW, March 4 (RAPSI) - Speaking before members of the UK Parliament’s Communities and Local Government Committee, London Mayor Boris Johnson made direct reference to the “Russian oligarchs” in suggesting that  higher levels of council tax should be considered for those among Britain’s wealthiest residents, The Telegraph UK reported Monday.

“If you compare what a Russian oligarch is paying on his stuccoed schloss in Kensington in annual council tax compared to what such a gentleman might be asked to pay in Paris or New York or anywhere else it is quite stunning. No one has yet grasped that. I’m by no means an advocate of a mansion tax. In fact, I vehemently oppose such an idea but we cannot go on forever without looking at our council tax valuations,” Johnson urged, as quoted by the Telegraph.

Council taxes are imposed by local authorities based on estimated property values.

According to the report, all properties that were worth more than GBP 320,000 in 1991 fall into the highest council tax band, which has drawn criticism from those who argue that owners of London mansions may pay just as much in council tax as home owners in significantly more modest circumstances.

Johnson reportedly indicated that he was open to the introduction of new tax bands in order to remedy the issue.

Among those that could be impacted were Johnson’s urges to gather steam would be Roman Abramovich. According to the Forbes List, Abramovich’s net worth is presently valued at $9.1 billion. He reportedly has homes in London, France, St. Barts, Colorado, and Los Angeles.